School activities: The birds close to home I: towns and cities
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Location: Lleida Noguera
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Delve into the world of ornithology
It is a very visual course consists of two parts, the online classroom to work from home or from a practical day to face Montsonis. This course explains the basic characteristics of the most common birds in this case those living in towns and cities (you can complement the block II: next to the water), learned to differentiate males and nuts and know the tools and materials that are used for identification. In addition, throughout the year, will accompany Piu, a child who has discovered the world of birds and has become a big Birdwatcher. 

The field activity is carried out in the village of Montsonís and around. Ideal for introducing children to the observation of nature and the world of birds. A MontsonÃs have different observatories and observatories that allow us to observe the birds closely without interfering in their behavior ... 

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course 2017-18

2nd grade students of primary and first cycle of ESO
- Guides ornithologists professional observatories and observatories.
- Binoculars
- The field sheets and all necessary equipment.
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